3 iulie 2010

Lacrimi de ingeri (Angel tears)

Pana si ingerii plang
Cand de dor sunt cuprinsi in noapte
Cand luna pare atat de departe
Cand cerul e innorat si lipsit de viata
Cand toate raman in trecut
Pana si ingerii plang
Cand cuprinsi de durere, cu aripile frante
Se ghemuiesc in colturi de stele
Pana si ingerii plang
In tacere
Adesea uitati,parasiti
Prea putini au ramas suferind
Si loviti, asteptand sa daruiasca iubire
Pana si ingerii plang.
Plang cu lacrimi de roua pe flori de primavara
Plang cand adesea ploua afara
Cand incearca sa zboare si lipsiti de putere
Raman jos la pamant,chinuiti.
Pana si ingerii plang
Cand uitati pe pamant se razbuna
Intr-o zi vor stinge si stele si luna
Prea multe suflete negre pentru atata lumina
Pana si ingerii plang
                                                                       Si suspina...

Even angels cry
When they are missing in the nights
When the moon seems to be far away
When the sky is cloudy and lifeless
When everything is long gone
Even angels cry
When filled with pain, with broken wings
They curled up in corners of stars
Even angels cry
Often forgotten, abandoned
Few were left suffering
And hit, waiting to give love
Even angels cry
They cry tears of dew on the spring flowers
Often cry when it rains outside
When trying to fly and powerless
They remain down on the ground, tortured
Even angels cry
When forgotten on the earth they take revenge
One day they will turn off the moon and the stars
Too many black souls for so much light
Even angels cry
And sigh...

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